Rhythm & radio

6 Jan

What a surprise – to pick up your cell and talk directly to Aodhán on the ocean. He sounded good yesterday afternoon, a bit tired, but definitely happy with the improved weather conditions. He said that the night shifts were the difficult ones at the moment, especially when the boat is being bashed around the place and oars are continually hitting your legs. During the day he is starting t0 enjoy being on the boat more and more, as he is less seasick and getting more used to life on Sara G.

Luckily all the guys are getting into a good rowing rhythm and a good rhythm of life on board at the moment. This was being discussed by skipper Matt yesterday afternoon on the radio. You can click HERE to listen to the broadcast (Matt came on air around 15:35).

And it wasn’t only Matt who told the UK how the odyssey was going. Ian called into the Heart FM studio to do his early morning account of the row yesterday as well. Click HERE and you’ll be able to listen directly to Ian describing developments every morning over the weeks to come.

Ian, although tired and standing on deck while the seas were roaring, focused his attention on appealing the public to donate to good causes. He said: “it is easy not to do anything but only takes a minute to help others in need.” Aodhán is raising necessary funds for Plan’s Because I’m A Girl campaign, which enables girls in developing countries to be educated and to actively break the cycle of poverty themselves. Please visit his JustGiving page now and help him reach his target. A little donated by many, impacts many girls in need!

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