On their way & making great progress!!

3 Jan

Yesterday, on the 2nd of January at exactly13:00 Aodhán and the guys started their row and have so far made great progress.

They are currently on a good course to break the 30 day barrier and to set a new world record.  The weather forecast for the next few days is good and the guys are trying to take as much advantage of the good weather conditions.

Skipper Matt said the following just after yesterday’s start, please click on the following link:


Live updates can be followed by clicking HERE. Short updates of Aodhán’s progress will be placed on this website  once a day or every two days.

Leaving 2nd of Jan – 10:00 AM!

1 Jan

Tomorrow, the 2nd of January at 10:00 AM, Aodhán’s adventure will start.

After arriving in Morocco on the 29th of December the team prepared Sara G in Agadir and subsequently spent a good 14 hours travelling over land through the Sahara to transport the boat from Agadir to Tarfaya. Please click on the following link to hear Atlantic Odyssey’s skipper Matt describe their interesting New Year’s Eve: http://www.atlantic-odyssey.com/.

This photo was taken in Agadir:

Happy New Year to you all!!

Ready to rock!

28 Dec


I’ve just returned back to the UK after a great few days back home in Dublin for Christmas. Sitting here in my flat with my packed kit bag I have just realised that there is nothing left to do now except row the Atlantic.

It’s been a hectic 6 months since I did my first sea trial on Sara G and Matt offered me a spot in the crew. Many hours on the rowing machine are behind me now as well as all the courses on navigation and safety.

The last few weeks before Christmas were pretty hectic trying to finalise all the bits and pieces, living in the fear that I was going to forget some vital piece of kit that was needed for the boat. Christmas has come as a welcome relief to the manic last preparations with a few days to relax and reflect on the challenge ahead.

After stocking up on plenty of Christmas carbs I’ve just said goodbye to Ilse and my family at Dublin airport. I also had a great night with lots of friends and family who paid a visit on my last evening in Dublin before the big adventure. Some of the lads even had the privilege of sampling a delicious re-hydrated food ration pack which I whipped up for them.

I have had my ups and downs with worries about the unknown that lies ahead on the Atlantic and I am sure most of the other lads have felt the same way. I’ve remained far more composed than expected while saying these farewells – although I am sure I have a few moments of anxiety ahead of me before we push off into the ocean.

All I want to do now is get myself out to Morocco tomorrow with the lads, put that boat on the water and get started!!

We should be kicking off somewhere between the 2nd and 5th of January. Thanks a million to everyone that has helped get me to the start line!!

Keep an eye on our team website for updates on the expedition www.atlantic-odyssey.com

See my latest blog post on the Atlantic Odyssey team website

12 Dec

See my latest blog post on http://www.atlantic-odyssey.com/aodhan-kelly/

Get your name rowed across the ocean

9 Dec

Expedition named – “Atlantic Odyssey”

18 Nov

Our world record campaign is surging forward rapidly now with only 6 weeks to go to the start line and its looking like this is going to be one hell of a team.

The expedition has been officially named Atlantic Odyssey and we have a dedicated website and social media – please go check it out.

Keep an eye out for the name in the media over the next couple of months as we are going to get some really good coverage.



Race Night Fundraiser

1 Nov

A Race Night is being held as a fundraiser for this Atlantic Expedition

Saturday 12th November 2011

Venue: Neptune Rowing Club, Islandbridge, Dublin

First Race 8.30pm

Music afterwards til late

To buy a horse (€10) or for more info please contact Aidan Harwood

0860526775  OR  aidanharwood@yahoo.ie

This should be a fun night all round. All welcome – the more the merrier!

TRAINING: – “tango-romeo-alpha-india-november-india-november-golf”

10 Oct

Aside from keeping on top of my fitness regime I also have to get to grips with all things nautical.

Last weekend I received training in VHF radio communications for the sea from Mustang Sailing down near Brighton. Hopefully all the time spent during this course teaching us how to broadcast an SOS message will not need to be put into practice but its important to be prepared. I was surprised with how much there was to learn from this course.

Next month 4 of our 6 man team are heading to the Isle of Wight to complete a 5 day RYA qualification to become Day Skippers. Matt and Yaacov are already qualified skippers.  At the end of this intensive course we should all be able to competently navigate our boat using both technology and the stars and we’ll be plotting the fastest possible course across that ocean!!  Last stop on our training tour will be the ‘Sea Survival’ course and then we’re good to row and row and row some more.

A Dose of Reality

7 Sep

A few weekends ago I got my second run-out in Sara G. This time the weather was on our side and we got a full 24 hours rowing done out on the Channel covering around 80 miles going westward along the coast and back.

We set off in the sunshine on Saturday morning and the banter was flowing. We also had the added entertainment of large yachts and powerboats trying to wash us out and an airshow taking place on the coast beside us. But as the evening drew in I started to get a better sense of what its going to be like out on the ocean – a relentless row sleep row sleep routine.

The 24 hours was spent practising the 2 hours rowing / 2 hours resting shift pattern that we will be maintaining the whole way across the Atlantic this January. Somewhere during the night after about 18 hours on the boat I really started to appreciate what I have signed myself up for. I was there rowing in the dark in complete silence as our early banter had long since died down with the greater need for rest between rowing shifts. Sitting the in stroke position in front of the other two rowers my direct line of vision went into the stern cabin where I had to spend each two hour shift watching the other guys sleeping – not a very motivating sight. By morning my hamstrings were starting to seize up and my back side wished it was anywhere but sitting on a rowing seat.

Rowing back into the harbour at Christchurch after 24 hours was made easier simply by knowing the fact that the rowing would end soon. If we are going to make our World Record target there will still be another 29 days to go of the same relentless work – a pretty humbling realistation. I am going to have to spend the next 4 months getting myself totally prepared both mentally and physically for launch day in Morocco this January!

Rowing back into harbour after 24 hours for a well deserved rest.

Olympic Guidance

2 Sep

I’m delighted to announce that our 2012 Atlantic world record attempt is being endorsed by and receiving consultancy from two great Olympic Champion rowers. These are Tim Foster who won a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics and is now coaching the Swiss Olympic team and Martin Cross who won gold at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles now a BBC commentator. Both men won gold with Sir Steven Redgrave, Cross was together for his first and Foster was in the crew for his fifth and final gold medal.

These inspirational men work for the motivational speaking company Gold Fever. You can visit the website by clicking here.

Its great to have guidance from two oarsmen who now how to push the boundaries in this sport as that is exactly what we plan to do to break this world record!

This is our promotional poster for this endorsement.


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