Less than 1,000 miles and 11 days to go

24 Jan

Today must have been an amazing day. The guys have started the real count down to Barbados with less than 1,000 nautical miles on the clock. Mark did the maths in his latest blog update: “If things stay as they are in terms of weather conditions then that should mean about 11 more days rowing to go – or about 60 shifts at the oars. So only 120 hours each rowing left”. Put it that way and it almost sounds manageable.

The weather is still not really beneficial, but the guys are giving it their all and the result is that they are still neck-and-neck with the World Record pace. It’s going to be an exciting race to the finish line in Port St Charles, Barbados.

Mark was also the one talking to the Heart FM DJs this morning and talking about sore bottoms and stripping down due to the heat. If you want to see a sexy Simon in action, please click HERE – nice one!

In addition to striking sexy poses Simon also took the air with the 28th pod cast, talking about good weather forecasts and recuperating from smashed fingers and eye infections – luckily he’s back on track: http://embed.ipadio.com/embed/v1/embed-352×200.swf?callInView=99388&channelInView=&phlogId=41329&phonecastId=124232.

One Response to “Less than 1,000 miles and 11 days to go”

  1. Sarah Jane Phillips January 25, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    Woohoo!!! Keep it up Aodhan!! Just 11 days to go until you reach beautiful Barbados as a World Record holder and with Ilse waiting for you on the shore 🙂

    Keep dreaming of that flying fish sandwich…he, he!

    See you soon you champ!


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