20 Jan

Atlantic Odyssey vs World Record: 1-0. So far, so good. Just having passed the half way mark, the crew has realized they have to do the same thing one more time: many 2hr shifts of battling exhaustion, waves and heat. Mark wrote in his blog that Ian fell asleep last night while rowing. Luckily there are enough caffeine tablets on board to get the guys through the night shifts.

With the weather conditions looking good for the next 10 days and after gaining 10 miles on the World Record today, the World Record is a more than realistic aim. Matt said the following this afternoon on the radio (14:50), “we are still head of the world record pace!  The crew are burning 12000 calories a day and eating about 6000, you can see it on the lads now, serious weight loss, the beards are up, the sun tans are on and the legs are getting really skinny, everyone is exhausted”.

Luckily they’ve also got a wicked sense of humour on board, tons of support and beautiful nature surrounding them.

And Aodhán is not only rowing rowing this enormous distance to break a World Record, he’s also hoping to raise funds and awareness for girls’ education in developing countries. Please donate HERE and do it NOW!

  • An educated girl is less likely to marry and to have children whilst she is still a child.
  • An educated girl is more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood, as are her children.
  • An educated girl is more likely to reinvest her income back into her family, community and country.

One Response to “Neck-and-neck”

  1. Sarah Jane Phillips January 20, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    Hey Aodhan!

    It was great to read your email and I’m really pleased that things seem to be turining around for you guys and your back on form to beat the world record – AWESOME! Keep it up!!

    Over halfway now and doing a fantastic job – keep smiling, keep rowing, we are all behind you! Go Aodhan Go!!! 🙂

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