1,000 miles! Boom!

14 Jan

To start this Saturday’s message: the crew has passed the 1,000 mile mark!! And rowing over 1,000 miles has never looked this great:

Listening to Mark’s latest pod cast, it’s clear that the guys did have a bout of trade winds to back them up last night. Wahoo! But unfortunately today’s conditions weren’t that amazing. The forecasts are good and those winds are really needed for the crew to consolidate their fast pace. They are still on course to break the World Record after all, so let’s just  all believe the forecasts for a change.

Mark also spoke of the highs and lows the crew are experiencing: the beautiful night skies filled with stars, seeing some of nature’s intriguing wild life, the magic of being in a big empty space alone with your thoughts and seeing sunsets on endless horizons. Not bad hey? You’d think…..but then on the other hand he did add that everyone is on dialy pain killers and cooking in the heat. Click here to listen to Mark yourself: http://embed.ipadio.com/embed/v1/embed-352×200.swf?callInView=97264&channelInView=&phlogId=41329&phonecastId=121899


2 Responses to “1,000 miles! Boom!”

  1. 28culmoreroad January 14, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Aodhan 1000 miles well done . Sounds like you all are working well together and having some fun. Lots of people are asking us how to send messages to you and all the crew. Hope you are getting them. Keep it going you are doing great. dad

  2. Alan & Claire January 15, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Class Goose Man – keep it going – best wishes from Alan & Claire

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