Tale of the nightly rudder fix…

11 Jan

Rudder oh rudder, why did you stop functioning in the middle of last night?

Ian setting up the rudder before departure in Morocco

Last night, just at the end of Ian, Mark and Yaacov’s 2hr shift, the steering cable snapped. Luckily it happened in quiet seas. It still took over an hour to fix the cable as there was little light, but luckily the rudder is in full swing again. Simon and Aodhán helped Matt, while the guys added another hour onto their shift, holding the weight of the boat against the power of the ocean. As the radio interviewer said: “No job too large for Captain Matt”! Well done guys! Click HERE to listen to skipper Matt explaining what happened.

Good news is that the guys are still ahead of the current World Record scheme and are expecting to benefit from the trade winds very soon. Mark wrote that in 8 days the crew has rowed over 700 miles gaining 50 miles on the current World Record holders. To read his blog post in The Independent please click HERE.

Go Atlantic Odyssey Go!! Keep up the pace!

2 Responses to “Tale of the nightly rudder fix…”

  1. Gerda Wermink January 11, 2012 at 6:22 pm #

    Hi Hero Aodhán,
    Nice to think at and to read all the messages from your Blog. I hope that you still row, sleep good when you’re off and stay strong!!! You can do it and take care
    Special Ommer greetings: Gerda

  2. Finbar Maxwell January 12, 2012 at 7:56 am #


    I hope my comments are reaching you. Great to see all the photographs! Glad that you are all well and into the rhythm. I think you are one-third of the way there. God’s speed to you all as you keep up the momentum. Keep your eyes on the horizon! The destination awaits you all. I think of you all at the end of each day, and when I wake up, trying to visualize the weather conditions for you, the swell of the ocean, the expanse of stars at night, and the adventure that you are all on. Continue to travel safely. Glad you spoke to your mother by phone. Thinking of you all and remembering you in my prayers. Finbar

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