Phone call from Aodhán

10 Jan

Aodhán just rang and we had a chance to talk about a lot of different things. He just finished a two hour shift and was looking forward to some food & rest. He sounded very good and said that he feels that way too. He is delighted that the crew is still on course to break the Atlantic World Record, especially taking into account the weather conditions they faced their first week.

He is lucky that he has not been sea sick, does not have many blisters yet and is managing to almost eat his full daily ration of food to fuel all the exercise. His knee is on the mend and he is taking anti inflammatory medicines to keep his muscles going. He is enjoying being in the Mid Atlantic and is happy that it will only take them another day or so before they will reach the trade winds and will be able to really take up their speed.

He wants to thank you all big time for leaving comments on this blog, as it is greatly supporting him. He especially liked the reminder of a World Record as result for all their efforts. He is currently really enjoying rowing with a full moon and under a blanket of stars, or when the ocean is less wild and the boat runs quite smoothly.

Please listen to skipper Matt who left the following podcast this morning, in which he discussed minor technical difficulties and the importance of those wanted trade winds:×200.swf?callInView=96353&channelInView=&phlogId=41329&phonecastId=120930

Please click HERE to listen to Ian via Heart FM this morning, getting emotional chatting to his daughter and talking about highs and lows.

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