More than a week on the wide waters

9 Jan

It´s official, Atlantic Odyssey has been under way for more than a week now! Congrats lads! And even better: they are still on course to smash the current World Record into iny tiny little pieces!

Aodhán spoke to his mum last Saturday and told her that he’s feeling good. This is something that can be said of Simon as well who was bubbling of energy and positivity during his radio interview this morning. Please click HERE to listen in. It makes sense that he was feeling so up beat, as he left his Moroccan belly, seasickness and seriously rough waves behind him for now.

Here’s a photo of Ian, Mark and Yaacov after having taken over from Simon, Aodhán and Matt:

Mark recorded a pod cast this morning before taking to the oars. He described the team waiting for the really wicked trade winds, the good feeling about still being ahead of the World Record scheme, everyone giving it their absolute all, keeping their targets short, Yaacov’s blisters, Aodhán’s & Matt’s injuries to their knees and birds that are following the boat for over three days now:×200.swf?callInView=96117&channelInView=&phlogId=41329&phonecastId=120674

One Response to “More than a week on the wide waters”

  1. Sarah Jane Phillips January 10, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    Hey Aodhan! You are a true champ – keep it up!! Lauren and I have being doing our bit…this will be day 9 of our land row-a-thon, he he. She will put our efforts on twitter for you to check out 🙂

    Keep rowing that boat – you are all stars!

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