On their way & making great progress!!

3 Jan

Yesterday, on the 2nd of January at exactly13:00 Aodhán and the guys started their row and have so far made great progress.

They are currently on a good course to break the 30 day barrier and to set a new world record.  The weather forecast for the next few days is good and the guys are trying to take as much advantage of the good weather conditions.

Skipper Matt said the following just after yesterday’s start, please click on the following link:


Live updates can be followed by clicking HERE. Short updates of Aodhán’s progress will be placed on this website  once a day or every two days.

One Response to “On their way & making great progress!!”

  1. john kelly January 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Aodhan not to sure if the short messages i am sending are getting through to you. you and all the crew are doing well. Everyone back home is texting us to wish you well. dad

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